Cirrhosis of the liver.
Briefly in numbers.

Cirrhosis of the liver is the sixth most common cause of death in Russia and is ahead of such common cancers as stomach and colon cancer. WHO associates this fact with the rise in the incidence of viral hepatitis.
6th place
Among the causes of death in the United States, cirrhosis of the liver is in ninth place, accounting for 1.2% in the mortality structure. In most cases, these are people aged 50-60.
9th place
At present, the incidence of liver cirrhosis in the world is 20-40 patients per 100 thousand of the population, and this indicator is steadily growing.
20-40 people
It is in so many patients with cirrhosis of the liver that varicose veins of the esophagus, less often of the stomach and intestines, occur.
In so many cases, varicose veins are complicated by bleeding, including profuse. Rebleeding develops within a year in 25% in group A, in 50% in group B and 75% in group C of Child-Turckotte hepatocellular failure.
Among the causes of chronic diffuse liver diseases and cirrhosis developing against them, in the first place is alcohol abuse (35.5 - 40.9% of cases), the second is the hepatitis C virus (19.1 - 25.1% of cases).
up to 40.9%
The incidence of cirrhosis of the liver in general in men is higher than in women: (1.5-3): 1. The differences are determined by the etiology of the disease. Alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver is more common in men; primary biliary cirrhosis - in women.
Mortality rates from liver cirrhosis:
49 cases

... per 100 thousand men aged 65-74.
26.7 cases

... per 100 thousand women aged 75-84.

The share of alcoholic cirrhosis in the total structure of mortality from cirrhosis

The share of chronic hepatitis C in the overall structure of mortality from liver cirrhosis